Samouraï bleue au milieu d'un stade de football au Japon

Why does the Japanese team call themselves "Samurai Blue"?

First of all, blue is the predominant color of Japan's jersey . The name also refers to the samurai, emblematic figures of feudal Japan.

Wondering why Japan's jersey is blue? This choice is not trivial. Blue symbolizes loyalty, sincerity and wisdom, samurai values ​​that each player embodies on the field.

When Keisuke Honda, or even Koji Nakata, step onto the pitch – no fan can help but think of manga such as Olive & Tom (Captain Tsubasa) or Blue Lock.

In manga, characters are naturally endowed with a determination similar to that of samurai. Japan's jersey reflects this fighting spirit, regardless of the score. Thus, every time the Japan jersey is worn, the players become ambassadors of a nation proud of its culture.

Many artists have designed conceptual Japan jerseys that Samurai Football offers on its site. Japanese culture influenced the design of these new Japan jerseys.

Japanese folklore is no longer found only in a stadium, but also on television and in manga. This phenomenon has crossed the oceans and today, everyone recognizes Japan as the island of the samurai .

In conclusion, the nickname "Samurai Blue" reflects the country's respect for its heritage. The Japan jersey is a tribute to this history.

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