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The rise in popularity of manga in France: a cultural and commercial phenomenon

In France, the world of manga has taken the cultural and commercial sectors by storm. Manga enjoys growing popularity today, reflected in official sales figures for comics, manga clothing, and even Japanese football jerseys.

The explosion of comic book sales

According to market research, sales of manga books have seen a meteoric rise in recent years, even surpassing sales of traditional comic books. According to the GFK Market report, manga sales in France amount to 85 million copies sold in 2022. A figure that is constantly increasing, and the trend does not seem ready to reverse!

Textiles: manga clothing and Japanese jerseys

The craze for manga is not limited to bookstores. We are also seeing a significant increase in sales of manga clothing , accompanied by the birth of more and more urban brands. Brands dedicated to this universe are seeing their turnover increase as demand increases, indicating a real fashion rooted in pop culture. Furthermore, the popularity of manga and Japanese culture in general has even impacted the sports sector, with an increase in sales of Japanese football jerseys , noted in particular during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar where the Samurai Blues achieved a honorable career.

Where to buy these manga t-shirts?

In short, the rise of manga is part of a broader cultural and commercial transformation, driven by a new generation of passionate consumers. For those looking to enrich their wardrobe with manga clothing in the style of streetwear, the Benkei brand presents itself as an option of choice . Offering a wide range of quality products, like these One Piece outfits featuring Monkey D. Luffy!

One Piece Monkey D. Luffy T-shirt by Benkei

The world of manga is only beginning to show its potential in France, and it is clear that this influence will continue to be felt in various fields, from books to textiles to sport.

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