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They are iconic of Japanese spring, symbols of fleeting beauty: here is the Japanese concept jersey "Sakura" . Decorated with cherry blossoms (or "sakura" to respect Asian jargon), this swimsuit is a creation intended for lovers of the Japanese archipelago.

This swimsuit is available in two models , each capturing in its own way the magnificence of the sakura, emblems of renewal in Japan. 🌸
→ The base of the swimsuits evokes the softness of sakura petals, while delicate cherry blossom patterns adorn the surface , creating a visual harmony that delights the eye. 🌸

→ All logos will be present on the jersey you receive.

  • Fabric : Synthetic, features DryFit technology to better wick away perspiration and wear your Japan jersey lightly.
  • Care : Wash cold, inside out

The Japan "Sakura" jersey is more than just sportswear, it is a true piece of wearable art, ideal for anyone who cherishes natural beauty and Asian culture .

Whether you want to celebrate the sakura season through your outfit, or give an exceptional gift to a loved one, we strive to provide you with an unforgettable shopping experience. For us, each customer is unique, and we are dedicated to your satisfaction.

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