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They marked the history of Japan until the end of the 19th century, with their code of honor and their strength, who are they? The samurai, and we are honoring them with the Japan “Samurai” concept jersey ! This jersey is undoubtedly our product reflecting the spirit of our site to perfection, through the unprecedented fusion between history, culture and Football.

This Japan jersey highlights a majestic samurai , a symbol of honor and loyalty. ⚔️

→ The background is decorated with the red rising sun, eloquently reminiscent of the iconic flag of Japan . ⛩️

→ More than just a Japanese jersey, it is a tribute to the deep history of this country and its undeniable cultural impact. 🎌

→ All logos will be present on the jersey you receive.

  • Fabric : Synthetic, features DryFit technology to better wick away perspiration and wear your jersey lightly.
  • Care : Wash cold, inside out

Perfectly combining the essence of ancient and modern Japan, the Japan "Samurai" jersey is a piece of choice for fans of Japanese culture and football.

Whether it's strengthening your collection, proudly displaying your love for Japan or finding the perfect gift we are committed to making your shopping experience memorable. Every customer is precious to us and deserves the best .

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    A manga t-shirt for €9.90 on your order, what do you think?